Would you like to participate?

Our group is open to all music enthusiasts. We offer regular courses and workshops. Come by, the first time it's free to sniff. Instruments and sticks are provided. We regularly offer introductory workshops.

Currently on September 18th, 21st Topic: Afro Samba from Bahia Contribution to expenses 25 € New beginners course: every Thursday from 19-21h. Please contact us if you are interested!

From rhythmically gifted beginners to experienced drum enthusiasts, everyone is welcome. Fun and appearances are guaranteed. Come over! Performances Relaxed and from the beginning, we will get into the rhythms and techniques of the music of the Afro Blocos from Salvador da Bahia.

On Tuesdays from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., advanced learners rehearse. There it is quite possible for experienced players to join.

You can also take part in the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin (May / June) every year. Video: KdK 2013 (rbb recording). All rehearsals take place on the Samba floor in the Musikfabrik Berlin. Google Maps.

The groups and workshops are led by the musicians Volker Conrath and VVolf Oliveira.


On request:

  • Regular WS to integrate new players into the group, open to everyone (please ask).
  • Workshops in Afro-Brazilian percussion.
  • Band coaching (supervision for existing groups).
  • Drumming for managers and companies to promote team spirit.
  • Project days in schools.
  • Lessons in small percussion for bands (brass section, singers).
  • Lessons in pandeiro, berimbão, cuica and other instruments of the Brazilian rhythm world.