Trip to Brazil

big percussion ensemble performing in the grass

For all who are looking for more than prejudices

The Brazil trip of the Bahia Connection will take place as planned. Dates and programme can be found on the PDF Detailed information If you are interested, please contact me immediately (limited number of participants).

The trip takes place in the pre-Carnival period. All groups prepare for the carnival, rehearsals, concerts, festivals. The best travel time for those interested in percussion. The base of the trip is 2 weeks in Bahia. A 3rd week is on offer. The 3rd week depends on your interests. Again the beach, in the mountains. Due to the tense security situation, Rio de Janeiro is not part of the program at the moment. But that can still change.

The number of participants is limited. I try to align my planning according to your wishes. Bahia Connection workshops are planned for 6 days in Salvador da Bahia. If you organize your trip yourself, you can take part in the workshops if you register in advance.

This is a trip that will allow you to get to know a lot of the Afro-Brazilian culture. But being close to cultural life also means that the power goes out, the bus doesn't leave on time or something doesn't work the way you want it to. Everything has its 2 sides. Often times, perfection is sterile. Creativity and joie de vivre usually arise from chaos. Under no circumstances do I want to have participants who are entitled to a package tour such as. come from TUI or similar tour operators. So if you are too sensitive or demanding, you should avoid my offer. But if you are there, you get insights that a package tour traveler can only dream of. Based on my long experience, I will prepare everything as well as possible so that we can have it as pleasantly as possible. On this video you get a few impressions, it takes place in Salvador da Bahia, Chapada Diamantina (mountains) and Imbassai (beach) Travel impressions

I am not a tour operator. I do the reservations in Brazil and design the program. My care begins when you arrive in Brazil. You have to book flights etc. yourself.

General information about the trip

a van in the grass with percussion instruments

Two and three week trips to Brazil

Many years ago, many inquiries from friends and musicians prompted me to offer trips to Brazil. These trips are aimed at all those interested in culture and include a two or three week program in Bahia / Brazil, depending on the planning with Rio de Janeiro. Since 2005 I have planned and carried out a number of trips. Some of the participants have already been there several times. I can proudly say that none of my participants was attacked or robbed while I was taking care of them. The participants also enjoyed the program very much and enabled them to immerse themselves deeply in Brazilian culture.

I can also organize a trip for your samba group according to your wishes. In 2007 I accompanied a group from Hamburg.

This travel offer is aimed at everyone who is actively interested in Afro-Brazilian culture beyond banal clichés: drummers, dancers, capoeiristas. In addition to beach holidays and relaxation in the mountains, we encounter the fascinating world of Afro-Brazilian culture. Local native speaking guides guarantee deep immersion in the vibrant pre-Carnival period in Salvador and Rio. Optional workshops and other activities are offered; However, these are not a focus of the trip, so you can confidently take your family, boyfriend or girlfriend with you.

Bahia has a lot more to offer than you can experience as an individual tourist when you travel the country with local and linguistic guides. Visits to the Afro-Blocos in Salvador / Bahia, a percussion workshop with Mestres of the great Afro-Blocos (Olodum, Ilê Aiyê, Muzenza, Malêdebalê) are planned. There are also trips to dream beaches.

According to your wishes, on offer:

A trip to the "Chapada Diamantina", a picturesque mountain region with waterfalls, caves and a visit to the former gem town of Lencois.

In Rio we will visit sights like Corcovado or Sugar Loaf. Of course, the rehearsals of the samba schools and the wide range of cultural events will not be neglected.

I want to keep the costs as low as possible. That is why there are no 4-star hotels, but clean, friendly pousadas (guest houses) with breakfast.