Group Leaders

Volker profile picture

Volker Conrath

Percussionist, initiator and leader.

A life in music

Volker Conrath has been involved with percussion since 1976; first with African and Afro-Cuban, since 1984 with Brazilian percussion. He lived in Brazil for over three years and organizes trips for people interested in Brazil (brasilophiles). He regularly plays with various Afro-Blocos at Carnival in Salvador. Volker organizes the offers of the music of Bahia at the Samba Syndrome in Berlin (largest workshop festival in Europe). Among other things, the master class with lecturers from Olodum, Ilê Aiyê, Muzenza ...

He specializes in the rhythms of these blocos and passes them on in workshops. In 2013 he founded the Bahia Connection with the aim of giving the samba-reggae groups in Germany a common musical language. Information and arrangements of selected original rhythms of the Afro Blocos from Bahia are provided. The members learn these arrangements and are therefore able to play together across groups. The Bahia Connection is now also available in France, Holland and Switzerland. BC members have played together at various festivals since 2015. Since 2015 (always in January / February) there have been workshop meetings of the BC in Salvador da Bahia every year. In Germany, the BC organizes regular meetings and workshops where we play the music of the Afro Blocos together. BC is open to anyone who plays Bahian music.

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VVolf Oliveira

Percussionist, singer, pianist and co-leader.

He is already in his early years, as a dancer in the group Afoxé Loni (direction Dudu Tucci), came into contact with Afro-Brazilian music. First own He gained percussion experience at the Carnival of Cultures 2008 with Bloco Explosão. Since then he has been a permanent member. He has also been a member of the Berlin percussion band Terra Brasilis. In 2016 he played with Bloco for the first time Explosão and band on stage. He composes and writes his own songs and plays keyboard. He has been the co-director of Bloco Explosão since 2019.


  • Volker Conrath (Bloco Explosão)
  • Manni Spaniol (Terra Brasilis)
  • Mestre Memeu Nunes (Olodum)
  • Mestre Marivaldo Paim (Ilê Aiyê)
  • Mestre Mario Pam (Ilê Aiyê)
  • Mestre César Veloso (Malê Debalê)
  • Mestre Mario Bomba (Muzenza)

Bands / Projects

big percussion ensemble performing in the streets

Big percussion

Depending on your needs, you can book different group sizes. Up to 20 players.

small percussion ensemble posing in front of the Humboldt Forum

Small percussion

Between 4 and 8 players.

medium size percussion ensemble performing together with a band

Percussion with bands

We work with different Brazilian singers.

singer-guitarist performing with a percussion group playing behind him

Special performances

Festivals, concerts, gala, openings, product presentations, sporting events, parades, demonstrations, district festivals, summer festivals, weddings, parties...

percussion duo performing at night

Duo / Trio for events

Bossa Nova, Samba, International: Renato Pantera, singer from Bloco Explosão, comes from the Portela Samba School in Rio de Janeiro.